The winter has been pretty interesting. I waited until the snow was down to a couple of feet and a warm day (high 50s for the second day).

East Hive Winter 2011

With snow in the forecast and not confident that my hives were built up enough from last summer I paid them a call and provided the first of my spring feedings. Surely hope this was not a mistake. I was surprised that they look as well as they do.  The number of dead bees out side of the hive did not seem horrific (not that I know what horrific is at this time of year) and there were bees flying about when I got there.  Both hives were active but the east hive was the busiest.

It may be a couple of weeks now before we have another day like this.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Oh, I used my snow shoes to get out there.  The snow is still too deep to wade out without getting soaked. I suppose I could but on some snow pants, as if I had any. The fact is, I get precious little use from the snow shoes as is. Who knows, maybe I will be wearing them all the way to April this year?!